• Momi (Todomatsu)の写真 1
  • Momi (Todomatsu)の写真 2
  • Momi (Todomatsu)の写真 3
  • Momi (Todomatsu)の写真 4
  • Momi (Todomatsu)のサムネイル 1
  • Momi (Todomatsu)のサムネイル 2
  • Momi (Todomatsu)のサムネイル 3
  • Momi (Todomatsu)のサムネイル 4

Japanese Essential OilsMomi (Todomatsu)‐Fir tree‐

Botanical name: Abies sachalinensis Parts used: Branch, Leaf Common method of Extraction: Steam distilled Origin: Hokkaido There are more than 40 species of momi which is well known as Christmas tree. In japan, there are 5 species including todomatsu distributed widely from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Lush leaves are seen even when they are covered with snow during the cold winter and that, it is thought to be a symbol of vital power.

5ml ¥2,000 (without tax)

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