• Sugi(Kitayama)の写真 1
  • Sugi(Kitayama)の写真 2
  • Sugi(Kitayama)の写真 3
  • Sugi(Kitayama)の写真 4
  • Sugi(Kitayama)のサムネイル 1
  • Sugi(Kitayama)のサムネイル 2
  • Sugi(Kitayama)のサムネイル 3
  • Sugi(Kitayama)のサムネイル 4

Japanese Essential OilsSugi(Kitayama)‐Japanese cedar‐

Botanical name: Cryptomeria japonica Parts used: Leaf Common method of Extraction: Steam distilled Origin: Kyoto It is seen in various regions in Japan since it has been planted through the ages and is native to Japan. Because of its character that grows straight with certain hardness, it was widely used as building materials and for industrial products.

5ml ¥1,800 (without tax)

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